2017-2018 Tibetan Student College Sponsorships

For the 2017-2018 School Year we sponsored three young Tibetan students to go to university. They were each starting their freshman year in a four year college program. Three American women stepped up to sponsors three Tibetan women – and we are so, so grateful to them.  Tsering Tso – our Tibetan board director and the leader of the Amdo Eastern Tibet women’s pilgrimage tour through Kham Voyage, found these three promising young students and shared their stories with me (this was before the foundation was started) so that I could help find sponsors for them.

The three students for the 2017-2018 school year each came from the Amdo region, in eastern Tibet. Here they are:

  1. Payma Tso is going to Gansu Normal University For Nationalities and she will study Tibetan literature and language. Here is the link of her college’s  website in China: http://www.gnun.edu.cn.
  2. Yangjian Zhuoga is going to Sichuan Minzu College and she will study Education as her major.  Here is the link of her college’s  website in China: http://www.scun.edu.cn
  3. Zhoumaojie is going to Northwest University for Nationalities and she will study Law as her major.  Here is the link of her college’s  website in Chinaschool website: http://www.xbmu.edu.cn
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