Welcome to Liquid Spark Foundation, the non-profit sister organization of Liquid Spark, an adventure marketing agency. Liquid Spark Foundation exists to help people, place and planet through direct people-to-people education sponsorships, product donations and project funding that supports better living and responsible stewardship.

Our focus is on underserved mountain communities worldwide. We are based in rural Appalachia, in the small mountain community of Bryson City, NC in the Smoky mountains.

We are a tiny startup organization.  We think that’s just fine. We are focused on making a difference one person at a time. We apply 100% of foundation donations and sponsorships to their respective projects or students. How can we do this?  With the help of our sister company – Liquid Spark, Inc.  Liquid Spark has agreed to cover all foundation costs for at least our first 3 years. We exist to match humans who care and have funds or connections or both – to opportunities to make a meaningful difference for humans with less funds or in need of connections or both – with direct transparent accountability for every project.


“If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.”
– African proverb