The education sponsorships are one-to-one sponsor to student annual donations that support the student to attend college in their local regions for their entire undergraduate or graduate program. The sponsor is matched with a young Tibetan student who has applied to and been accepted at a college or training program and cannot afford to attend without sponsorship help. Who finds the students? At this time, its a small and personal volunteer effort by Tsering Tso to identify needy students from her home region of Amdo in eastern Tibet. With our collective network of Tibetan and Chinese entrepreneurs in China – we are pretty confident word will get out to other regions and finding eligible students won’t be difficult. We are more focused on being able to find sponsors who want to help transform a young person’s life!

Why 1-to-1 Sponsorship?

We believe one-to-one sponsorship is a singularly transparent, people-to-people focused-way for sponsors to help change the life of a young person and her or his family and even village. We are not trying to amass large scale monetary donations to then distribute somehow via another organization within Tibet & China – we are matching sponsors with students at a one-to-one level. We have started in Tibet & China – and we envision taking this model to other mountain communities in other countries, as appropriate.

Sponsor Reports

The sponsor is able to communicate with her/his student via email and/or online apps, gets a semester report from the student on her/his progress, challenges, perspectives, and is free to establish a relationship as much or little as the sponsor wishes or has time for.

Sponsor Commitment:
Full 4 Year College Program

We ask that sponsors commit up front to funding the full four years of their student’s education program. This is really critical to the success of these students to finish their education without the extraordinary stress of needing to find funds to fund their college each year. You will pay that school year’s costs annually to Liquid Spark Foundation, by August 1st.   We then transfer the funds to your student’s account by August 15 for the start of the school year.  The good news is that the cost of a year of college – including books, fees, & student housing in China is a fraction of what we pay here in the USA, at approximately US $1000 per year, as of 2017. Imagine being that young woman from a poor village or nomadic family, having one year of college thanks to a kind sponsor, but then facing 3 more years of schooling and absolutely no way to fund it. It’s like learning to read half the alphabet and having no access to books – an impossible way to create a better life for yourself and your community and your world.

We understand, sponsorship isn’t for everyone. If you have the good fortune to able to commit to $1000 sponsorship for 2 or 4 years, we want to hear from you. Another way to think of it – what does $1000 a year buy here in the states?

  • Mid-level Ski boots and skis (barely)
  • A low end mountain bike
  • 2 ipads
  • 10 really cheap printers
  • 1.4 iphones

A year of college that provide a young person with a better job/career, income and health, who’s career can help support his/her family and will likely help his/her village.


Got questions? Contact us – we’d love to talk to you.


Sponsor Donations of Clothing or Supplies to Dhamo Nunnery

We are also raising funds to purchase wool socks, heavy duty winter work gloves, warm hats, durable warm footwear and wool undergarments for the nuns of Dhamo Nunnery in eastern Tibet, Amdo Region. We are wanting to work directly with sustainable manufacturers of quality clothing to donate to the nuns of Dhamo Nunnery.

We are developing our short list of sustainable manufacturers now. If you want to offer a company name and contact, and which product you think would meet our needs, pls let us know.

Once we have a company to work with, we will identify the product we need and the exact costs to purchase and ship that product to Dhamo Nunnery. At that point we will create donation levels for sponsors to help us buy the goods. Thank you for your interest in this work!

Recommend a Manufacturer for Dhamo Nunnery Needs

Sustainable manufacturer of clothing and accessories to keep nuns warm and working in Eastern Tibet: